The Ideal Hack for a Procrastinator

Are you a chronic procrastinator who just loves to leave absolutely everything to the last minute? We know how you feel. Always the one having to buy 'Happy Belated Birthday' cards isn't a good look so we've come up with the perfect hack so you never forget an important occasion again!

Step One

The first thing you want to do is get your diary out or have a look at the calendar. Take note of any important occasions throughout the year; birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs, Mother's Day, Father's Day, anything you'd need a card for! Even plan and write down anything you know is happening the following year, being organised is the key here!

Step Two

Once step one is completed, you want to head on over to your favourite greeting card website *cough cough* Blush Boulevard and add a card for every occasion you've taken note of. Make sure these cards are getting sent to you and NOT the recipient! 


Step Three

While you're waiting for your greeting cards to be delivered, pop into your local supermarket or head on over to Amazon to get yourself an expanding file. The best one we've found for our A6 cards is the one we've linked below. The file is only 127 x 266.7mm so it's ideal as it won't take up too much room! It even comes with tabs for each month of the year, so it's perfect for what we're using it for. Your local Asda or Tesco will also sell expanding files, they may be slightly bigger but they'll still do the job!

Click here to be directed to the Amazon expanding file!



Step Four

Once all of your cards have arrived, you want to organise them so you know which card is for which occasion. You can even write them out to be extra prepared or you can keep them blank if you'd rather write a message closer to the date. Then, simply put each card into the according section for each month. For example, if you bought a Mother's Day card you'd pop it into the 'March' section as it's celebrated in that month (UK) and Christmas cards will be put into the 'December' section.


Step Five

When your folder is full, leave it in a safe space where you'll remember and when the next birthday or anniversary comes around just take the card for that occasion out of the file, write it out and now you'll never have to awkwardly hand over a late card ever again!


Wow, you're so organised!

And just like that, you're prepared for any occasion coming your way! Before you go, why not support a small business by purchasing your well-needed cards for your folder right here at Blush Boulevard! We have greeting cards for all occasions, have a nosey and we can assure you that you'll find the ideal card for each recipient.